Fine Art Tiles

Aivazovsky,I .K.
Alma Tadema, Sir Lawrence
Anderson, Percy
Bearman, Peter
Bombled, Louis
Bonamy, A. J.
Bouguereau , William Adolphe
Brett, John
Cezanne, Paul
Choultse, I. V
Cooper, W Savage
Debut, Jeanne
Evelyn De Morgan
Firmin-Girard, M
Fournier, A. V.
French School
Gabrini, Pietro
Glover , A.N.
Gogh, Vincent van
Goodwin, Albert
Haeselich, J. G.
Harrison, L. B
Herring, J.F.Jnr
Horwitz, Helena
Ibbetson, J. C
Inchbold, J. W
James, David
Jesse, John
Manet, Edouard
Monet, Claude
Moore, Barlow
Pether, Henry
Poynter ,Sir E.J.
Renoir, Pierre A
Robertson, Charles
Rossetti Dante Gabriel
Sandby, Paul
Turner of Oxford
Vernet, Claude J
Vernet, Pierre
Watson, Walter J
Webb, James
Wright of Derby,J
Wubbels, Jan
Wutky, Michael
Wyllie, C.W
Wyllie, W. L
Zeim, Felix
Frequently Asked Questions

You offer Fine Art Tiles, are the pictures on these Copyright?
Most of the images are in the Public Domain and therefore are not copyright. However because we use Hi-resolution images for the production of the tiles these are often subject to Image or Reproduction Rights. We have either already obtained the appropriate licence or will do so if there is a particular image you require. We have a close working relationship with the Bridgeman Art Library which enables us to offer top quality images which we licence from them and other sources as needed.. Copyright is always calculated from 31 December of the year of an artist's death, never the actual day an artist died and lasts 70 years from that date. We will not knowingly violate or infringe on copyright or trademark by making unauthorised reproductions of protected works. If you notice an image that you believe to be in violation of copyright/trademark please bring this to our notice.

What about Contemporary Artists work?
We will be pleased to advise you on the particular circumstances and licences required if you wish us to render a mural of these works, fees may be payable. At present we have the works of certain Artists available but will extend our ranges to suit demand.

I'm an Artist, can you reproduce my work for me?
Yes we are pleased to offer this service, subject to agreement, so that your pictures can be reproduced in tile either for you to resell or for us to offer on our website. Please contact us to discuss.

I have a Photograph that I would like put onto a tile, can you do this for me?
Probably Yes, provided that either you took the photograph or you have obtained the right to use the photo or own the Image Rights to it. This also applies to pictures taken from a book or magazine. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate permissions. We will cooperate with you to make the mural/s of your choice.

What Process do you use to produce the Tiles and Murals?
The Process is called DYE SUBLIMATION

What is Dye Sublimation?
Dye Sublimation is a process that allows photo-realistic and other images, created with sublimation dyes to be transferred into polymer coatings on ceramics, glasses, metals and many other materials.
  • Dye: to impregnate colour into a material, this colour change is permanent.
  • Sublimation: a change directly from the solid to the gaseous state without becoming liquid.
  • Polymer: A substance consisting of large molecules made up of a linked series of repeated simple molecules.
  • Dye sublimation: Solid dye particles are changed into gas, using heat and pressure, and bonded with any polymers present. When the heat and pressure are removed the polymer returns to a solid, durable, coating with the image infused within it.
Not a decal, images are baked onto the tile, instantly creating true works of art. This, state of the art technology, allows the creation of handcrafted, personalized, works of art, as ceramic tiles and murals, which will give you a lifetime of enjoyment, at an affordable price.

What sort of tiles do you use?
The tiles are specially factory coated with the Duracoat Polymer finish which gives a Matt finish to the tile. We find that for reproducing paintings especially this gives a beautiful finish which is baked into the tile. The matt finish offers what we believe is the best possible resistance to abrasion and can be used in a wide variety of indoor applications including personalised kitchen /bathroom wall tile or office/restaurant displays. We also supply Gloss finish tiles if requested. Ceramic tiles are not recommended for external application or in areas where they will be exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

What are the tile sizes that you supply?
We supply tiles that are 100mm x 100mm 4"x4", 148mm square 6"x6", 148mm x 198mm 6"x 8",198mm square 8" x8", and 248mm x 198mm 10" x8". Other sizes are available on request. Please contact us.

Do the tiles need special grouting?
Non-abrasive grouts should be used. Please consult your tiler as grouts vary. The tiles must not be cleaned using any form of abrasive cleaner, we find that a chamois cloth and warm soapy water gives a good result. PLEASE NOTE: the tile sizes shown are in approximate imperial sizes and metric sizes which give the ungrouted sizes. It is possible to fix these tiles as a wall decoration without grouting, provided that the wall is not regularly damp or wet. The tiles can also be fitted onto BACKING BOARDS and hung like a picture. Grout is not normally needed in this situation, however personal choice is open.

What do I do if I Break a tile or one is faulty?
Contact us and we will supply the replacement. A tile chart is supplied with every mural and the code of each tile is marked onto this chart. It is therefore possible to only replace the broken/damaged tile/s instead of the entire mural. This keeps additional costs to a minimum.

Do you supply the Trade?
We are pleased to supply Artists, Art Galleries, Bathroom outlets, Bar Fitters, Builders, Interior Designers, Kitchen suppliers, Restaurants, Shop/Office fitters and other trade outlets. Please contact us for terms.

What happens if I don't like my mural when it arrives?
As each mural is made to individual specification, as we understand it, we are exempt from the Cancellation terms of the Distance Selling Regulations. However we will endeavour to reach a mutually beneficial conclusion, but must point out that in any event the Client is responsible for the costs of returning goods to us in a resaleable condition.

I have a special Project in mind, can you help?
Yes, almost certainly although there may be limitations, but please ask. Our job satisfaction comes from Satisfied Clients.

Do you have Limits of Liability?
Fine Art Tiles accepts no liability for faulty installation of tiles supplied by them. In the case of any claim relating to the tiles themselves Fine Art Tiles liability is limited to the purchase price of the product and does not extend to consequential loss. Claims cannot be considered after the tiles have been installed.

Fine Art Tiles warrants that its tiles conform to their description and are fit for their purpose. The company makes no other express or implied warranty as to fitness or merchantability. We extend no guarantees, express or implied, as to wear resistance or maintenance procedures.

If I have a Question other than those here what do I do?
Please email us at or telephone 01692 650620.