Fine Art Tiles

Aivazovsky,I .K.
Alma Tadema, Sir Lawrence
Anderson, Percy
Bearman, Peter
Bombled, Louis
Bonamy, A. J.
Bouguereau , William Adolphe
Brett, John
Cezanne, Paul
Choultse, I. V
Cooper, W Savage
Debut, Jeanne
Evelyn De Morgan
Firmin-Girard, M
Fournier, A. V.
French School
Gabrini, Pietro
Glover , A.N.
Gogh, Vincent van
Goodwin, Albert
Haeselich, J. G.
Harrison, L. B
Herring, J.F.Jnr
Horwitz, Helena
Ibbetson, J. C
Inchbold, J. W
James, David
Jesse, John
Manet, Edouard
Monet, Claude
Moore, Barlow
Pether, Henry
Poynter ,Sir E.J.
Renoir, Pierre A
Robertson, Charles
Rossetti Dante Gabriel
Sandby, Paul
Turner of Oxford
Vernet, Claude J
Vernet, Pierre
Watson, Walter J
Webb, James
Wright of Derby,J
Wubbels, Jan
Wutky, Michael
Wyllie, C.W
Wyllie, W. L
Zeim, Felix
Welcome to Fine Art Tiles

Buy FAMOUS ART on Ceramic Tiles.

Choose your favourite picture and have it reproduced onto ceramic tiles as a wall mural.

Suitable for any interior wall, Transform your Kitchen, Bathroom or Dining room, Bedroom or any wall.

Fine Art Tiles offer permanent photo-real reproductions on Ceramic Tiles of the works of the PRE-RAPHAELITES, IMPRESSIONISTS, POST IMPRESSIONISTS, ACADEMICS, VICTORIAN, AMERICAN, GERMAN, FRENCH and DUTCH, ART NOUVEAU & CONTEMPORARY artists and from your photographs.

Click on the one of the artists listed down the side of the page to go to a representative selection of their paintings. Or email us with the details of the picture you want.

Popular Murals

All on a Summer's Day, at Bosham, Sussex, 1888 (oil on canvas), Wyllie, C.W

The Lake of Lucerne, Mount Pilatus in the Distance, 1857 (w/c on paper), Inchbold, J. W

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